Gone Writing!

Gone Writing!
"Gone Writing!"

Friday, May 30, 2014

Why Complicate Life? Try Communication!

I found this worthy of sharing, and worthy of my writing blog, because it has to do with communication. 

The graphic I am sharing is titled: "Why complicate Life?" I ask you this, because the key to any successful relationship, whether be friend or spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, fianc√© or lover; one must learn to communicate. No secrets, no more lies. This is how to live happily ever after. 

How can I personally say this? I have been married 29 years today May 31st 2014! We have five lovely Children, and five wonderful grand children as well! We are very open, and always have been with our Children as well! We've talked with them from the beginning about drugs, sex and everything, like I said, open and honest. We have five drug free Children! That in itself is an accomplishment! I personally, have never ever tried drugs, and never will, I don't smoke either. My husband smokes, and as a teen, yes he tried pot once. Were pretty impressed with our tight knit little family too! 

We feel that communication has made everything successful for us, and suggest the same for everyone else. It's pretty simple, pick up a phone, email, text, or write a letter. It's just that easy. Just call, or drop by and say "Hi!" It's nice to we are all still alive and well once in a while. 

Give it a try. Communicate. This does not mean stalk daily. This means check up on one another once in a while! Please don't take my words out of context to create problems for one another! 

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