Gone Writing!

Gone Writing!
"Gone Writing!"

Monday, April 28, 2014


As a Child, I used to always love watching the Saturday Morning cartoons. My favorite part of the whole thing was ABC airing the "School House a Rock" series. I would sing along with those, and believe it or not, they taught me. 

Because of them, and this "Blog" I wish to do an entry that I wish to dedicate to their happy memories, "Conjuction Junction what's your function?" (If you're familiar with this series, you sang that didn't you? AND if you have an imagination, or memory (whatever the case is, you see the "Conjunction Junction Train!)

Let me start off by introducing you to a conjunction: a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause

Now allow me to show you words that are conjunctions:

But, or, nor, and, yet so

Now let's see how they work:

I went to the store, but I didn't want to. This easily could've been two sentences, but because of my conjunction, it's now one. Saving me a capital letter and a period, throwing in a coma, and a conjunction. It also sounds better. 

Let's try another: I don't know if I want to go yet, I'm going to think about it. Again, this could've easily been two sentences, but instead, I felt a conjunction was better. 

Are you seeing how this works yet?

Let me try to explain this, so maybe you can understand it better. Here I am using the word so, and I did it casually, to see if I catch you off guard to make it easier on you. Did it help?

Personally, I find conjunctions fun. I think it's kind of "School House a rocks" fault, but oh well. I think you need to get on "Netflix" or Rent it, borrow it, or something, and watch it yourself, 1973 was a great year. TV was educational back then. 

Now of days you watch what's on TV, or you don't watch TV at all. Conjunction the word or. And one more thing to watch for, often before the conjunction, you can find a coma. Watch for it. It's a breather in the sentence when you're reading it. Just putting that out there.....

I hope I've educated someone. If anything; I've had fun, I guess that's what counts. 

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